Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yulia Brodskaya's Papergraphic Illustrations

Artwork by Yulia Brodskaya

I am completely inspired by Yulia Brodskaya's beautiful papergraphic illustrations. The playful swirls flow in and out of the type, creating depth and dimension, even with just white paper.

I find it clever how she disguises some of the text in seemingly arbitrary swirls. Her use of three-dimensional negative space creates fun textures and layers, while her remarkable colors and whimsical curves shape amazingly complex and beautiful works of art.

Yulia's papergraphic illustrations remind me of the endless possibilities of a given medium. She is a talented designer who inspires me to use more bold colors and to design using simple everyday materials.

How do you integrate color into your art? Are they vibrant or muted? Is there such thing as too much color? (Is the image below too busy?)

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  1. oh my gosh! these are beautiful!!! after i come back, we should try to recreate the basics of these. :)

    i like this blog! i get to look at pretty pictures and your descriptions. yay!

  2. I think these are so amazing... What a fun idea-- I would totally go for this kind of a craft party. When will you be back? :D

    Spread the love/art and share with your friends! Thanks for reading!

  3. do ou know how one can go about doing these?? these are soooo cool, i wanna try it!