Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spyra's Big SF Adventure

A month ago, the hubbs and I finally landed a temporary situation in San Francisco, our new base city. Back when we made the big trek out east to the glamorous NYC, I thought: Manhattan, what an inspirational place! I gotta use this opportunity to write interesting blog posts and make some fun art!

Did it happen like I thought? Nope. The culprits? I blamed grad school, social life, and work. But actually, I was just plain too busy enjoying New York to make the time to create. Looking back, yes, I do wish I wrote more often, but you know what? It's okay. I was living in the present and I enjoyed it. I'm moving on to the next leg of my journey.

Now that I'm in a new inspirational town (SF is kinda like a "town" compared to its big east coast brother, non?), I keep thinking the same thing, that I'll write, make, and draw more. Especially because I'm in the land of software developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, and I feel pressure to craft my "web presence."

What's inspiring me now? My current project is exploring the health technology scene in SF, and I have been meeting some really interesting people and hearing about their life-changing projects. The ingenuity and energy of entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley never ceases to amaze me! I have also been learning how to use twitter and I'm finally starting to use it consistently (@spyra). I've also been posting fun things on Instagram (@spyra), which is also my go-to for discovering new artists and photographers. I suppose I'll add more social networks over time, but I can only handle so much right now. :)

In closing, here is a sketch I did in December:

So... any suggestions for things to do in my new city? Let me know in the comments!