Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sketch Sunday!

I finally got my scanner, so no photo substitutes this week. :)

We visited my parents' house over the weekend and they have this wood burner in the living room. (It's so efficient that they don't need gas heating during winter.) The above is a 10-minute sketch using ink and no pencil.

Completely unsatisfied with the first sketch, I then did a 20-minute sketch of the same thing using the same parameters and a different pen. I think it came out better mostly because I was better acquainted with the details from the first pass.

Another ink sketch using a new fountain pen (no pencils). Thin, curly hair is fun but difficult to draw.

"Yours" as in "Hi, I'm Yours." Drawn using Lascaux Sketch at Again, the curls were fun but difficult to get to look right.

The pen is my favorite medium for sketching, but I know there are many aspects of drawing that I still need practice with. In an effort to improve my weaker areas (like coloring), I will try to identify these areas and explore them in upcoming Sunday Sketches.


  1. Wow, a real wood burner? I remember hearing once that wood is essentially carbon neutral since to get the wood, we need to grow trees that trap the carbon that gets put out by the burning.

    Old things can be fun to draw, they don't design stuff that looks like that nowadays. :)

  2. I never realized that wood-burning was carbon-neutral. That's pretty cool!

    Our burner isn't more than 3 years old. They still make them, but you gotta look farther and harder to find them. :)

    The nice thing about our wood burner is that it releases something like 1/20 the amount of particulates into the air as a regular fireplace does because it burns more thoroughly. While a log may burn for only 20 mins in a regular fireplace, it could burn for 2 hours in the burner. This is because the amount of oxygen the wood/fire receives is controlled so it will keep burning the carbon until it's almost all converted to CO2.

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