Friday, June 5, 2009

Light & Nature

Rainbow- why is the sky much darker to the left of the rainbow?

Last week, nqd featured Keri Smith's work titled "How to be an Explorer of the World." After reading through the preview pages of her book, I thought to myself, I already do some of these things! I constantly admire the world around me, and sometimes try to document what I see with photographs.

I thought that inspirimint readers might be inspired by some of the pictures I have taken over the past few months, so here they are for your enjoyment! These photos make me feel more connected to nature.

I love the way light reflects off of eucalyptus leaves

Sun & clouds, shot from the highway.

Dusk at Golden Gate park.

Dried orchids.

Peach blossoms from the farm (mid-March).

The tender shoots and flowers of pea plants make a delicious stir-fry!

Have you ever noticed that the tips of golden poppy leaves flame?

Last year's grape vine twisted around the wire.

Purple flowers by the lake.

Light filtering through chlorophyll reminds me of stained-glass.

Droplets aggregating on the surface of a freshly-cut honeydew.

The rain forest biosphere at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco teems with life!

A giant Geneva wheel, a component of the 10,000 year clock's chime generator (displayed at Maker Faire).

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