Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Can you guess what these are?

Do you remember that picture game when you were little, where they show you a zoomed-in detail of a cropped photo, and you have to figure out what the object is?

Blue stripes, pepper flakes (pelicans at Monterey Bay)

Foliage in negative lighting

Green carpet wall (stacked broccoli at grocery store)

So this isn't exactly like the picture game I described above, but the idea is similar. I love photos made to look like textures, especially if I can get the entire frame to be nearly homogeneous. This broccoli wall at my local grocery store just stood out to me, so I whipped out my camera to get a snapshot of it, a split second before an employee told me that I'm not allowed to take photos inside the grocery store.

Pink foliage (magnolia flowers in bloom)

Ruby droplets (grapefruit)

Amethyst wild flowers

13 pounds of olives in the sink

A collection of ladybirds (seen at the Academy of Science)

The greatest inspiration is finding beauty and joy in the simple things that surround us every day. What do you like capturing in your photos or art?

Cinnamon sprinkled on pine nuts (banana bread mix, ready for baking)


  1. i know i know! but i won't give it away here. :)

  2. Hehe, Good job! This is what the comments section is for... ;)