Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watercolor Wednesday 10

I am endlessly amused by critters with stout, rotund bodies on stilt-like legs. As I drew this picture it became a laundry list of things that, for whatever curious reason, I think are absolutely hilarious.

A list of them follows:
1. cyclops!
2. pathetic little wisps of hair
3. CHEST HAIR (funnier on scrawny little guys, but still funny otherwise)
4. fancy shoes
5. apprehension
6. tall pants with suspenders

This picture was also an exercise in figuring out which pens work on my crappy handmade paper. The answer: most of them, except for the ones I want to use. Thanks for that, paper!


  1. I love the little details in this picture, like his split lip and tiny eyelashes. :D You make your own paper? What do you use?

  2. All the sheets I've been using were made in a class I took a couple of years ago.

    Basically what happens is you scoop fiber (in this case, cotton) out of a vat of water in a wooden frame covered in a fine wire mesh, and slosh it around until a) there's an even amount of fiber on the surface and b) most of the water has drained out.

    Then you (carefully) plop that onto a felt sheet.

    On a relevant note, some of the earlier sheets scan in with weird light levels because they were dried hanging up in a loft, which allowed them to warp all over the place.