Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Packaging Design - Getting Ideas

A piggy bank. (Atypyk)

I once read an article that inspired me to keep designing. How? It wasn't all about how to make contacts, and how to make sure you kern, or who knows who. It wasn't about a specific artist and how cool they are, or the issues in the art world. It directly related to me. She explained how she goes about getting ideas.

I don't know where the article is now, and finding it would involve rifling through the hundreds of art and design magazines piled up in my room, but the concepts are still in my head.

One. Take an object. Anything random - a pencil sharpener, a banana, the box of toenail shavings you have saved in your drawer.

Two. Look at it.

Three. See it not as it is, but as it could be. A pencil sharpener can be a pencil stand, a banana can be made into a boat for Barbies.

Ok, so those are terrible ideas, but you get the picture. Make it your own by looking at the packaging in a new way. Turn it upside down, lick it a little.

Fast forward to today. I was looking at a few designer's websites for blog ideas, and I came across Atypyk, a French "idea" group that had an incredible imagination-filled portfolio. They took that brainstorming guide and made an entire company out of it. Below are some pictures from their site - you can find more by going to the link on their home-page entitled "watsdat?".

A picture frame.

A candle.

A doormat.

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