Monday, February 23, 2009

Packaging Design - Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? Everyone who says they don't is lying to themselves, in my oh-so-humble opinion. Therefore, it is ideal when the covering for this incredible sweet confection perfection is just as wonderful. Here are some great packaging for the chocolaty goodness that we all love (or should).

The Brooklyn Brothers is a design company with loads of personality. They have a distaste for the general style of advertising, and created a design for a chocolate that has no ego, and loads of chutzpah. I love the graphic snout on the top of the chocolate squares, so plainly snouty in spite of its simplicity. The name "Fat Pig" is also hilarious, which makes it even more awesome.

TCHO has an extremely simple design for their chocolates. It looks incredibly natural and biodegradable, with an effective minimal design.

Miller Creative uses delicate lines and feminine grace in this redesign for NYC's Lush Toffee. I like the color palette chosen and the tabs on top. The L is especially beautiful with its flowery embellishment.

Meg Gleason is a student who came up with an innovative design for her chocolates. The strawberry shapes are adorable little containers for the sweet treat, while the matching box with curvy window has the shapes and colors to suit my fancy. I especially enjoy the strip with colorful writing.

No matter how tasty the cocoa based treat may be, it can always be made more delicious when wrapped in a confection of colors, shapes and textures. 

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